K-Pop Sensation 2017 Concert Experience

by | Sep 21, 2017 | Life | 0 comments

The first ever K-Pop concert in Penang has made K-Pop fans flock to the newly renovated SPICE Arena in Penang to be sensationalized by Korean Pop Stars Kang Gary and Jessica Jung.

The night started with some numbers from our local bred group called the Golden Warriors which consists of some local artists and dancers. Our local artists put up a good show singing famous Korean songs to match the whole K-Pop theme.

The highlight of the night Jessica Jung and Kang Gary began shortly after, with Jessica taking the spotlight first with her crew of dancers. Dressed in petite white dress, Jessica and her dancers grooved to the tunes with fluid body motions. The crowd turned wild when Jessica Jung came down from the stage to greet her fans as her supporters rushed to the front to see her up close.

The final highlight of the night was Kang Gary together with DJ Panda. The crowd really turned wild and die hard fans rushed to the front to groove together with Gary. He led the crowd well with his upbeat tunes and engaging aura. The night ended all too quickly, as it always does when you are having a good time. Fret not as there will be another wave of K-Pop goodness in November with the upcoming K-Pop Music Wave set to hit Penang on 24 November 2017, also at SPICE Arena.

My personal experience at the concert was rather positive, however I felt that improvements could be made, especially during the end, I had hoped Gary would sing another 2 – 3 songs after the encore but he only sang one and it felt like the whole concert ended abruptly. All in all, I hoped that the main highlights could have had a little more stage time, or perhaps the arrangement was due to cost restrictions? I’ve no experience in organizing concerts, so perhaps the organizers had a valid reason for arranging it as so.

Until the next K-Pop Wave, do enjoy my collection of photos below which I managed to capture at the concert.

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